By: Marquel Russell

Speaker, Author & Global Entrepreneur

Attention Parents Raising A Son. You’re About To Discover…

The 13 Proven Principles To Break The Cycles Of Poverty, Crime & Fatherlessness

“These little known secrets are quietly helping young men all across the globe find their true purpose in life, And I’m going to reveal how you can groom your son to be a Godly & Successful man in 13 simple steps.”

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Seeing Your Son Successful In Life…

Here are just a few of the benefits that your young man will gain by reading the "Breaking The Cycle" book. He will discover and...

  • Become a Man of Responsibility

    How to take personal responsibility for your actions, and why that allows you to reach greater and greater heights.

  • Create and Design Their Ideal Life

    How to design your ideal life. This is perfect if your son doesn’t have any POSITIVE mentors at this moment

  • Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

    Why entrepreneurship is the FASTEST, most honest, and legit way to wealth. If your son is currently thinking about or are selling drugs this will really resonate with him and save you a lot of heart ache and pain.

  • How to Be Happy and More Motivated

    How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit. If your son spends all day playing video games, messing around on social media and is not motivated to do much, you will discover how you can help him turn that (or anything else he’s passionate about) into a profitable business for himself.

  • Learn How to Handle Money and Wealth

    The world’s easiest wealth creation system. Simply put if your son is not doing this one thing then he’s missing the boat and setting himself up for a life of financial mediocrity, poverty and having to do things he doesn’t really want to in order to make money and great living for himself and take care of you.

  • Make Wise Choices and Build Healthy Relationships

    How to keep your son from hanging out with the wrong people which leads to gangs, drugs and other things you and him can avoid. Not understanding this sent one of my best friends to prison for 25 years.

So How Did I Go From High School Drop Out,
Convicted Felon, To Starting My Own Business &
Becoming A 6 Figure Earner?

In "Breaking The Cycle," I reveal 13 easy to understand and apply principles that took me from being a high school drop-out and convicted felon to being an Author, Speaker and Global Entrepreneur who's on a mission to empower our youth with the tools, resources and strategies to break the cycle of poverty, crime and fatherlessness, so they can BE More, DO More and HAVE More in life without any limitations.

"Breaking The Cycle" is broken down into 13 Actionable Strategies that are separated into 3 pillars.

  • Pillar #1: "Breaking Through To Your Greatness"
  • Pillar #2: "Thriving Through Adversity."
  • Pillar #3: "Creating a Legacy"

Marquel Russell

Author of "Breaking The Cycle"

I've Made It As Easy As Possible
To Impact The Young Men in Your Life

"If you don’t do this for your son now, there’s no telling where he’ll ended up 6 months from now."

I believe you’ll look at this decision 1 months, 6 months, and 1 year from now as the best decision you’ve ever made.

If what you’ve tried to get your son going in the right direction isn’t working, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and yet expecting a different result.

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