About Us

We don’t have to remind you of the alarming statistics when it comes to poverty, crime and fatherlessness in our inner city communities across the nation which has resulted in an ever increasing prison population (you can watch your local news for that).

Instead let’s talk about the solution and “Breaking The Cycle Worldwide” is the Ultimate Solution.

IMG_0316What Is “Breaking The Cycle Worldwide”

The mission of Breaking The Cycle Worldwide is to break the vicious cycles of Poverty, Crime and Fatherlessness in our Inner City communities and equip individuals with the tools, resources and support to unlock their maximum potential in all areas of life.

In a rapidly changing society, we are committed to our vision to…

#1. Inspire individuals to move confidently in the direction of their goals and dreams regardless of their current circumstances or what they may have gone through.

#2. Empower individuals with the mentorship, tools and resources they require to succeed at the highest levels in the 21st century and beyond, so they can…

#3. Prosper in life and create the lifestyle that they desire and deserve.​